(+Full cast + crew) Movie Synopsis: “10 Years Later.”Starring: Yul Edochie, Chinenye Ubah, Emmanuel Okhakwu

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(+Full cast + crew) Movie Synopsis: “10 Years Later,” : Starring: Yul Edochie, Chinenye Ubah, Chinwe Ekume, Emmanuel Okhakwu, Stephanie Ekwu

What is the movie “10 Years Later,” all about? Here is the “10 Years Later,” movie synopsis

“10 Years Later,” is a Nigerian drama. The major actors in the movie are Yul Edochie who acted as Emmanuel, and Chinenye Ubah who acted as Maureen.

The film was about a young guy, Emmanuel (Acted by Yul Edochie) whose family spent their last penny to send him to school.

After graduation, Emmanuel got a job with a big company and was well paid. Rather than use his earnings to take care of his family, Emmanuel spent it only on his extravagant girlfriend, Maureen (Acted by Chinenye Ubah.)

Emmanuel was deeply in love with Maureen and was willing to do anything to keep her. When he lost his job, he was unable to take care of Maureen which made her —

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“10 Years Later,” Cast and Crew

“10 Years Later,” Cast 

Yul Edochie acted as Emmanuel, Chinenye Ubah acted as Maureen, Chinwe Ekume acted as Evelyn, Emmanuel Okhakwu acted as Samuel, Stephanie Ekwu acted as Nneoma, Gina Eze acted as Mandy, Chidera Nwankwo acted as Ifeanyi Senior, Great Chukwuemeka acted as Ifeanyi Junior, Ubah Veronica acted as Veronica, Igwe White acted as Landlord, Shadrach Nworah acted as Raymond, Zinny Samson acted as Neighbor, Nwagbo Ikechukwu acted as Lawyer.               

“10 Years Later,” Crew

Story: Anene Emeka Ferdinand

Screenplay: Malachy Ugwuoke JMac

Script Supervisor: NellyAnn Chisom James

Producer/Executive producer: Anene Emeka Ferdinand

Associate producer: Ugwuoke Malachy

Film Editor: Rhema Johnson Emmanuel 

Special effects: Onaji Stephen Onche

Director: Ugwuoke Malachy JMac

Year: 2018                      

Country: Nigeria

Genre: Drama

First Movies Production.

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