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Senator Dino Melaye drops the bomb on APC “It is not a political party but…”

Watch the video here- https://youtu.be/MQU-S3ihu6Y Senator Dino Melaye drops the bomb on APC “It is not a political party but…” I love this senator gaskia;

Senator Dino Melaye at it again as he sarcastically congratulates President Buhari over…

The 47 years old senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Senator Dino Melaye (SDM for short) is at it again. The January firstborn muscular senator took to one of his social media platforms, Instagram precisely to congratulate the current president of Nigeria; President Mohammed Buhari. Guess what the congratulatory message was all about?


View the pictures here- https://youtu.be/CYHk_OH8X4o If there is one film I watched over and over again when it was released; that film must be “Game

Latest update on the 300 Jangebe girls that were kidnapped

The commissioner of police; Frank Mba, said the rescue operation involves the deployment of both ground and aerial assets (What does that me…

Latest update on Kagara “Kidnap” by armed bandits!

This Buhari’s regime is even worse. There is an alarming increase in Kidnapping, prostitution, robbery, fraud, yahoo-yahoo, rape, immorality, assassination, remo

“My P_ss_ is sweeter ” Nkechi Blessing Sunday to Bobrisky

Watch the video here- https://youtu.be/9vlJsYtMFEQ It is no longer news that both Nollywood actress- Bobrisky and crossdresser- Bobrisky are both fighting, and are yet to

View what Nkechi Blessing Sunday did on her 32nd Birthday

Watch the video here- https://youtu.be/XORDhJGeRiw Plus size Nollywood actress- Nkechi Sunday Blessing; NBS for short, who always seem to want to appear on news is

View Bobrisky and Nkechi fight Drama: Here is the winner

SO ABOUT THIS NKECHI BLESSING SUNDAY (NBS) AND BOBRISKY FIGHT This Watch the video here- https://youtu.be/2O_5RrFDxzU Nkechi/Bobrisky fight ehn; I am just laughing in Spanish.

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