“Pregnancy rumor,” 2Baba’s latest post says it all!!

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Innocent Idibia aka “2Face,” aka “2Baba,” is always linked with an unknown banker. In fact, year in and year out, there is always a story about him impregnating this particular banker.

This same story trended this year after 2 Baba took to his Instagram and posted an apology message to his wife, Anne Macaulay Idibia. The message goes thus:

“This is no stunt. I’m sorry for all the embarrassment I have caused my wife, my kids, my mother, all our families, and our management team. I am not looking for no sympathy. I am not trying to make myself look good. This is no reverse psychology bullshit. I simply just don’t want to be the one that always apologizes. I have been a sh#ty father, and a sh#ty husband, and sh#ty baby daddy. I have no excuses. I just want to do right by my wife, and my kids, and their moms, and my mom, and all families, and my manager and friends. I beg y’all to pls just face me and cancel me anyhow. I have been a star for too long that my bulletproof vest is worn-out. I’m not quitting or suicidal or giving up. I just want to go back to my default settings and denounce my role model status and make up lost time with my kids, and give y’all music that will make you remember and understand why they call me 2BABA. #Grateful.

The above post says it all. That is, the above post explains the reason for 2Baba’s apology to his wife, Annie, family, and management. It has nothing to do with infidelity talkless of impregnating another woman. 

However, some media houses, not “Ogefash,” assumed 2Baba’s apology was because he already impregnated the unknown banker. Fake news!!!

If you recall, 2Bbaba selected and married Annie Macaulay in 2012 among other baby mamas. They have two beautiful kids, but, he also has kids with two other women.

What do you all think?


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