“You’l be flogged severely,” Bobrisky to Rosy Meurer.” Here is the real reason she replied for Tonto Dike

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Why Bobrisky attacked Rosy Meurer for Tonto’s sake…

Watch the video here: https://youtu.be/UzRfmEkbtuA

All through last week, the news that was trending on the internet was the marriage of Olakunle Churchill to Rosy Meurer; his personal assistant, whom his ex-wife accused of having an extra-marital affair with while they were married.

The revelation of their marriage was made known by both Olakunle Churchill and Rosy Meurer when they both decided to be using the hashtag #MrsChurchill #MrChurchill Tonto Dike who has over time found peace in her decision to be single for the time being; kept mum about her ex-husband- Olakunle’s marriage to personal assistant, but her one-time best pal, Bobrisky did not keep calm about this.

She was indeed infuriated and shared the below post with her Instagram fans.

View the post: Bobrisky to Rosy

“If you break another woman’s home (Wait o, is Bobrisky too not a home breaker? I mean most of her customers are married. What y’all think?); just to make her hurt; don’t worry your own cane is hidden too. Sooner or later, someone else will snatch the man from you.”

“From my brother to my boss, from boss to Mrs. Haaaa; the cane he used to beat the first wife is hidden for you.”

“Ladies if your friend or someone close to you is calling your husband, my brother, my God father, bikonu, do fasting and prayer for that relationship to scatter before it ends in premium tears. Bro kee you there.”

Why do y’all think she replied and insulted Rosy Meurer on behalf of Tonto Dike?

The reason is not far-fetched. Apparently, the closeness between the one-time best of pals is no longer there. Hence, she defended her friend Tonto in order to make amends for whatever wrong she has done to her, and then fix back their relationship.

What y’all think?

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