5 Signs he is not ready to settle down “No Ac…

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So, if you are someone like me, who is ready to settle down, and is meticulous about not dating a guy who just wants to tie you down in a non-marital relationship for 3- 10 years. Then you must take note of these 5 signs. It is proof that your guy is not ready to settle down.

Here are “5,” Signs he is not ready to settle down “No Ac…

  1. Not planning to get his accommodation, he had rather keep living with a friend or any member of his family.
  2. The unnecessary prolonging of a relationship when there is little or enough finance.
  3. Only committed to one thing in the relationship, e.g s€x, and nothing more. 
  4. He is not interested in knowing you personally or other members of your family.
  5. No future talks. 

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