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Peter Okoye aka Mr.P is the twin of Paul Okoye aka Rudeboy. The two used to be a part of a popular music group- Psquare.

However, in 2017 the group disbanded and pursued their solo career. So far; it has been so good for both Peter and Paul Okoye musically, financially and so on, even though Paul Okoye has more tracks and hits than Peter Okoye. People should understand that this is typical of any disbanded group not just Psquare; one person will always get more attention than others.

For instance, when Beyonce left Destiny’s child music group, she was more successful (and is still more successful) than Kelly Rowland and Michelle musically, financially, and so on. This also applies to Plantashun Boyz comprising 2Baba, Black Face, and Faze. The group disbanded, and of the three 2Baba was the most successful (and is still the most successful) musically, financially, and so on.

So, there is really no competition here; no one is in competition “In the voice of Peter Okoye.”

Having said that, I present to you some of the singles off Peter Okoye aka Mr.P’s unreleased album, and the best 5 tracks so far. View below…


Like this like that by Peter Okoye/Mr.P

Wokie Wokie by Peter Okoye/Mr.P FT Nyanda

Ebeano by Peter Okoye/Mr.P

Cool it down by Peter Okoye/MrP

For my head by Peter Okoye/Mr.P

My Way by Peter Okoye/Mr.P

One more night by Peter Okoye/Mr.P

Blessed by Peter Okoye/Mr.P

Karma by Peter Okoye/Mr.P

Too late by Peter Okoye/Mr. P

Wow! Ten melodious songs! Here are five songs from the unreleased album you would so love and be drawn to:

  1. My way
  2. Too late
  3. Wokie Wokie ft Nyanda
  4. For my head
  5. Cool it down

Got your favourite song? Feel free to share via the comment box…

Kindly note that on Friday, September 25th, Peter Okoye made known via his Instagram page that he would release a new album titled “The Prodigal” on Friday, 20th of November 2020. However, he is yet to release the album. According to him, the album will contain 15 brand new songs that have never been heard before. “No singles! Straight to Album!” he posted. In essence, the aforementioned 9 songs off the unreleased album may or may not be included in the album.

To know more about Peter and Paul Okoye’s Psquare days, feel free to click this link https://bit.ly/391SqQH

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