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If there is one film I watched over and over again when it was released; that film must be “Game plan.”

The movie Game Plan is an American sport comedy. The movie was about
Joe Kingman (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) a popular and successful football bachelor who had women, cars, houses; a whole lot to his name. However, he was too full of himself. He was too much in love with his power, fame, and success that nothing really mattered to him. He neither paid attention to people that were not in his click nor associated with them. For years, he lived a life of ‘self’. One day, his 8-year old daughter- Peyton Kelly ( Madison Pettis), showed up on his doorstep unannounced telling him that her mother- Sara, his ex-wife was already pregnant before they divorced. This puts the footballer in a tight position as things take a different turn for him. Read more here https://ogefash.reviews/2018/03/12/throwback-movie-the-game-plan/

 Madison Pettis who acted as Peyton Kelly and the daughter of Dwayne Johnson was quite little then. She was just about 8 or 9 years old. She really killed it in the film. Her acting in that movie was exceptional. There was a particular scene of hers in the movie I kept replaying. I think the scene she was angry with her dad- Dwayne Johnson, and closed her bedroom door on him. Before she closed her door on her father, both had exchanged words because of her father’s uncaring attitude. I love her dialogue there, especially when she said “Keep it coming, is that all you have got” lol

So, back to the gist, Peyton Kelly is no longer 8 years old. She is all grown now. She is in her 20’s. She has only one friend in the world that goes by the name @torriwebs on Instagram. You can also check out Madison Pettis on Instagram @madisonpettis.  Madison’s latest movie is “Girl’s rules,” an American Sex Comedy movie directed by  Mike Elliot. The movie is slated to drop this August. View more pictures of Madison Pettis below

She is indeed gorgeous!

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