(+Full Cast + Crew) Movie Synopsis: A Long Way Down – Starring Ray Emodi, Esther Audu Ogiri, Salma Mumin


What is the movie A Long Way Down all about?

A former prostitute, Gina (Acted by Esther Audu Ogiri) accidentally knocks down a prostitute, Naomi (Acted by Salma Mumin) who was fleeing from the uniformed men.

Gina rushed Naomi to the hospital where she was immediately given treatment. After the doctor assured Gina that Naomi was better and ready to be discharged, Gina took Naomi to her place to be living.

Naomi opened up to Gina about her prostitution job and how it has affected her womb. Gina preached Christ to her, and Naomi repented, oblivious that Gina also used to be a big-time prostitute.

One day, Gina’s younger brother, Kester (Acted by Ray Emodi) who she nurtured with the money she made while prostituting, and who she has been disturbing to bring a wife home returned from abroad.

The day Kester stumbled on Naomi, he took an immediate liking to Naomi. One thing led to another and they started a relationship. Gina is not too happy that her brother, Kester is dating Naomi since she already told her that her womb was damaged.

Gina’s disapproval of Naomi’s relationship with Kester made Naomi leave the house. Kester searched for her regardless of her past and finally found her.

Gina and Kester accepted Naomi the way she was. Kester discovered that Naomi was—

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