About Bruised movie by Halle Berry;10 things that you probably did not know in the production of…

about the movie bruised by halle berry
about the movie bruised by halle berry

Bruised tells the story of a Mixed Martial Arts (M.M.A.) fighter, Jackie Justice (Acted by Halle Berry), who disgracefully leaves the sport, but steps back into the game after her infant son comes back into her life. 

Twelve things you should know about Cardi B’s involvement in the Bruised movie soundtrack album.

  1. Bruised is a move by Halle Berry with an all-female-soundtrack.
  2. It’s an all-female soundtrack because Hally Berry wanted a robust roster of women on the film’s soundtrack. 
  3. Cardi B, alongside Halle Berry, specially selected the artists that featured on Bruised.
  4. The artists are @saweetie @latto777 @citygirls @thegirljt @yungmiami305 @hermusicofficial @youngma @iambabytate @flomillshit @rapsody @realericbanks @bigbottlewyana @ambre @dreamdoll.
  5. It was released through Warner Records. 
  6. Cardi B’s soundtrack for the movie Bruised is titled “Bet It.”
  7. “Bet It” is Cardi B’s second solo song in 2021 after “Up.” It already has over 200 million views on YouTube. 
  8. Bruised is already in theatres and on Netflix.
  9. Halle Berry played the lead role.
  10. View the title of each soundtrack by the female artists: Cardi B (“Bet It”), Saweetie (“Attitude”), Rapsody (“She Bad”), City Girls (“Scared”), H.E.R. (“Automatic Woman”), Flo Milli (“Blast Off”) and Latto (“Tha F*ck”). Other previously unreleased “inspired by” tracks from female artists on the rise include; Young M.A. (“No Mercy”), Baby Tate (“Dungarees”), Erica Banks (“On They Neck”), Dream Doll (“Chacin”), Big Bottle Wyanna (“Aye”), and Ambre (“Sweater”).







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