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Looming Danger Novel by Ogefash
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Looming danger is a sensational novel with two tales; ‘Stop an Impending War’ and ‘At the Drop of a Hat’.

Stop an impending war tells the story of a young man, Frank Odili who left his hometown in the south, Delty city for another in the North, Maxilla City. His parents feared and rebuked his decision to settle in another city. According to them, if war broke out the non-indigenes would be affected first. Also, Frank’s parents wanted him to take over their business in furniture making but Frank had his own dreams. For this reason, his parents turned their back on him and swore never to have anything to do with him again.

The young man toiled and toiled in the city of Maxilla until he finally pulled through. He met his wife, Rita in the city, they got married and both raised a family there. ‘’Maxilla- a city in the country of Nygee was one city everyone visited and loved to raise a family.

‘M city’ as it is fondly called is frosty and one of the most loved cities in the country. People loved it particularly for the cool weather and snowy environment; it was the best tourist city. Frank Odili and his family had never for once thought that the once beautiful and calm city would take a different shape in years to come.

One day, turmoil suddenly broke out, and people ran as fast as they could to various places to save their lives. No one knew the bone of contention. Tons of people were either macheted or gunned down in ‘M city’; houses and cars burnt, markets, churches, offices, and organizations in ruins, and people who tried escaping never lived to tell their tales. The Odilis narrowly escaped but not without a price… find out more in Stop an Impending War.”

Both Dan and Don were referred to as twins, though Dan was a week older. Born by different women and a father, both wanted life beyond the farming they grew up knowing. Dan and Don wanted a better education beyond what their dad could give, but the family lacked adequate finance. Dan worked harder than Don; he was swift to work. Little did both know that the key to achieving their dreams was At the Drop of a Hat.’’

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