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ModCloth is a fashion brand for women of all shapes and sizes between the ages of 18 and 35. 

What makes ModCloth different from competitors is how the brand greatly involves its customers in the branding process. They make customers feel like they are part of their staff. 

Also, ModCloth’s content marketing strategy through its community participation programs and social media features has over time earned them loyal shoppers and increase their sales.

There is the “Be the Buyer program, Make the Cut designer program, and Shoppable image platform Style Gallery program”

The “Be the Buyer program” allows customers to vote on the clothing ModCloth will eventually sell.

The “Make the cut program”  allows customers to submit their clothing designs and drawings. Their cut can win them a cash prize if the design is made and sold.

The “Style Gallery” allows customers to upload photos of themselves wearing any ModCloth and the cloth’s measurements. 

The good thing about ModCloth wears is that you can upload these photos at no extra cost. You don’t also have to be a model to upload your pictures.

Wouldn’t you want to feel like a model on ModCloth sites?

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