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Famous Nigerian actress- Eniola Florence Bolanle Ajao seems to have overtime gotten used to the popular word “You are dating Odunlande Adekola,” as she is no longer giving people warning about such statement any longer.
She has already made it known several times that she is not dating Odunlade, but people refuse to believe her.

Odunlade Adekola is another respected figure in the movie industry. Infact, he is her boss, but people assume Eniola is his side chick.

Eniola and her twin celebrated their birthday yesterday with beautiful pictures, and, of course, Odunlade was among the celebrities that wished her well. He described Eniola as beautiful, talented, wonderful, amazing and so on.

So back to the story; em, do you think they are dating?

Anyway time would tell. But, this kind of assumption is common not only in the movie industry. Once people see your closeness with the opposite sex, they are quick to assume you are lovers.

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Actress- Eniola Ajao speaks on alleged dating rumors with actor – Odunlade

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