Adele “30” Full Album Tracklist- What’s your favorite track? Mine is—

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Adele is a 34-year-old English singer and songwriter. She recently released her 4th studio album titled “30.”

The album has 12 tracks. Here are the tracks and their duration below:

  1. Strangers by Nature 3:02
  2. Easy o me 3:44
  3. My little love 6:29
  4. Cry Your Heart Out 4:15
  5. Oh My God 3:45
  6. Can I get it 3:30
  7. I drink wine 6:16
  8. All Night Parking (Interlude) 2:41
  9. Woman like me 5:50
  10. Hol on 6:06
  11. To be loved 6:43
  12. Love is a game 6:43

My favorite track, for now, is “Easy on me.” Do you have a favorite track too? Feel free to share…

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