About the movie “Ale Kan Pere” plus full cast and crew

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Ale Kan Pere Synopsis

Keshi (Acted by Olaide Almaroof) had reluctantly allowed his wife Becca (Acted by Eniola Ajao) to have a night stand with a billionaire gambler- Fola Agoro (Acted by Yemi Sholade) for 200 million naira. Keshi thought he could let go of that night, but he wasn’t able.

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“Ale Kan Pere” Cast

Yemi Sholade acted as Fola Agoro, Joseph Momodu acted as Lawyer Femi, Olaide Almaroof acted as Keshi Ilesanmi, Eniola Ajao acted as Becca Ilesanmi, Kunle Da Coster acted as Chief Williams, Abiodun Jimoh acted as Managing Director, Utibe Law acted as Site Engineer, Adekunle Kanmson acted as Client, Tosin Olutoli acted as Hotel Staff, Adediran Mariam acted as Office Staff, Adegbuyi Oludayo acted as Office Staff, Borokinni Kafayat acted as Lady.


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