(+Full Cast + Crew) Movie Synopsis: All Over Again starring Ray Emodi, Chinoso Arubayi, Okawa Shaznay


What is the movie All Over Again about?

A young guy, Leo (Acted by Ray Emodi) gets jilted by his lover, Francesca (Acted by Chinoso Arubayi) after quitting his well-paying banking job to start his technology company. 

Francesca is not happy about Leo’s decision as he can’t spend on her as he does while working in the bank. Francesca quit the relationship because Leo can’t buy her expensive hair extensions, designer shoes, and bags, and take her shopping. 

All the luxuries Francesca used to enjoy from Leo stopped after he quit his well-paying banking job. Several pleas of Leo for her to stay with him assuring her that things would get rosy again proved abortive. 

Some months after Leo finds love again with a new lady, Silver (Acted by Okawa Shaznay) he employed to assist him in his technology company. Silver has got brains and together, they move his technology company forward. Silver also turns down a mouth-watering abroad job to be with Leo.

Months after, Francesca stumbles on Leo and discovers that he is now successful. She tries to come back into Leo’slife, but Leo shuns her.

When Leo gets involved in an accident, he suffers a memory loss. He can’t remember the good time with Silver and the bad time with Francesca.

Francesca manipulates Leo’s situation and swings his emotion away from Silver to hers. Unsuspecting Leo c—

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