Here are the songs in Angelique Kidjo’s “Mother Nature,” album; here is the best song!


“Mother Nature,” is the title of Beninese singer and songwriter, Angelique Kidjo’s album. She dropped the album last year June. 

“I am so proud to announce my new album, “Mother Nature” coming June 18th,” was what she shared on her social media pages before dropping the album.

 “Mother Nature,” album has 13 songs in it. Feel free to view below

Songs in Angelique Kidjo’s “Mother Nature,” album

Track Duration

Choose Love 2: 31

Dignity ft Yemi Alade 3: 33

Africa, one of a kind ft Mr.Eazi, Salif Kelta 2: 57

Mother Nature ft Sting 3: 04

Do Yourself ft Burnaboy 4:01

Meant For me 3:07

Omon Oba 2:04

Free and Equal 3:10

Fired Up 3:12

Take It or Leave It 2:51

Mycelium 3: 49

One Africa (Independence Cha Cha) 3:20

Flying High 2: 48

What is your favorite song from the album? Feel free to share with other readers.

The best song for me is—

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