Ariana Grande can’t save her tears for another day when her newly wedded husband, Dalton Gomez does this…

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Ariana Grande can’t save her tears for another day when her newly wedded husband, Dalton Gomez does this…

“Save your tears for another day” is a title of a well-known song sung by The Weekend, and sonorous singer, Ariana Grande whose Instagram followers are currently competing with that of Instagram itself.

The use of the title “save your tears for another day” by the singers could be because a person feels so much regret for breaking up with someone who is now in a better light/position after the breakup. So, when they stumble on the heartbreaker, the heartbreaker becomes emotional, which may bring tears to his/her eyes. But the person who has been hurt by them doesn’t care about the tears and feels the heartbreaker should save the tears for another day because it is just the beginning of good things in their lives; so their regrets and tears may be unending. So, in essence, no amount of tears can be done today, another day, or forever to salvage the situation; the deed has been done. So save the tears!

Well but for 27 years old American Singer from Boca Raton, Florida United States, Ariana Grande Butera aka Ariana Grande, her tears are not of regret, but of abundant joy, and she certainly can’t save the tears for another. No one saves the tears of joy for another day, especially when one walks the aisle.

Yes! Ariana is taken! She is married! She is currently enjoying her honeymoon with her newly wedded Southern California, real estate, 25 years old husband Dalton Gomez whom she secretly wedded on the 15th of May, 2021 with close friends and families in attendance.

More reason Ariana won’t be able to save her tears for another day is the way her husband, Gomez grabs her softly with emotions. His feelings and desires for her are conspicuous. The way he looks into her eyes with so much love and commitment, the passionate kisses on her neck sends shivers down her spine.

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