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(+Biography) Ace comedian AY Makun’s wife is such a beauty to behold, AY can’t mess…

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Mabel Makun is the wife of ace comedian and actor, Ayodeji Richard Makun, aka AY. She is such a ravishing beauty, inside and outside. Her beauty glows more than the sunlight itself. In fact, if there is another word to describe her beauty, I would leave it to y’all to do via the comment box.

AY no fit mess around with this kind wife o #Winks.
May the enemy never put their union assunder.

In all honesty, I stumbled on Mabel Makun’s Instagram page @realmabelmakun, and I found it difficult to leave her IG page. As in, I got glued to that page.

Here is why:

She has loads of beautiful, interesting and captivating pictures of herself, husband, child, family in particular and friends.

Mabel Makun studied Business administration at DELSU. She is in her early 40’s.
She has a successful business as it rakes in millions of naira year in year out. She is the CEO of Midas Interiors Ltd. She is into interior designs, project management, interior styling; corporate and residential.

Mabel Makun is also a fashionista, she believes there is an unbreakable link between Interior design and fashion; I will most definitely agree with her on that because her exquisite fashion taste is conspicuous in her interior designs.

AY and Mabel have been married since 2008, over 12 years, and the union produced a daughter, Michelle Makun, who is the replica of both her dad and mum.
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