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Before Sound Sultan’s death, he was planning to… https://youtu.be/J7fl3X7X9Dg

If you have clicked on this video, https://youtu.be/J7fl3X7X9Dg, https://youtu.be/-5AilEMVTBs , then I am sure you must have heard about the death of one of the multiple talented Nigerian singers, Olanrewaju Abdul-Ganiu Fasasi aka Sound Sultan.

Sound Sultan, who was related to ctor, Babadee, was an indigene of Oyo state was born on Saturday, 27th of November, 1976 in Jos. He grew up in the North just like popular singers, Peter and Paul Okoye. He had his education first at “Stepping stone nursery and primary school”, and then proceeded to “Federal Government College Ogbomosho.” He studied Geography and regional planning at the Lagos state university aka LASU.

Sound Sultan started his music career under Kennis Music (1997-2008), but later established and moved to his record label, Naija Ninjas. (2008) He was not only a singer, but an actor, recording artist, and songwriter. His flow of words was on point. He was a good composer. His lyrical power was second to none. He was well known for his lyric prowess. His lyrics were detailed, heart-warming, inspiring, meaningful, deep, and punchy. Most of his punchy lyrics spoke against the corrupt acts of government and the poverty in the land.

Some of his popular songs include: Ole ft 2Baba, Jagbajantis (Mathemathics), Gud gal, Naija jungle, Very Good bad guys ft Banky W, Oko won lode, Ghetto love, People bad, King of my country, Odo, Orobo, Area, Motherland, Fayaa Fayaa, For instance again, Natural something, Kokose, Light up ft M.I and so on.

I loved in particular, and still love Light up/2010 which featured M.I. View some lines below:

“When we ask our government o, when dem go give us light? Dem say na 2010, we don dey wait 2010 since then But now the waiting must end Cos 2010 don show oh oh oh Oh oh oh I want to be like Moses, eh show my people dem to the promised land But then I notice something, people wey try am don dey underground I see dem I ja Look dem from far Me I fear this government people Rise up naija, raise your apa, tell them you are tired of the evil E don tey we Fela don go o. E don tey we Fela don go o So the leaders are after the dough Choose themselves like mini mani mo Tumbo tumbo baskelebe See dem eye like dey shak kelebe See dem pikin dey comot kelebe Poor man pikin dey rush olele”

I also love the song “Area/Motherland.” View some lines below:

“Ajo o dabile eh, no matter where you go, make u try come back area o, area o Na naija ah ah ah. Ti ode ba ti le pada wale o, wale oh oh oh How I wish say, I fit reach u anywhere you de eh, you dey eh eh eh Far away eh eh eh. That one no say make u de bone area o Motherland e oo (na your area)”

Sound Sultan who was born on a Saturday, died on a Saturday. He died on Saturday, July 11th, 2021. He died of throat cancer (Angioimmunoblastic T-Cell Lymphoma) which he has been suffering from for a while. He was in the U.S.A receiving treatment when he died. He has since been buried in Brooklyn, New York in the United States, according to Muslim rights which says a corpse should be delayed for up to 24 hours before it is buried.

Sound Sultan was married to a beautiful Igbo lady, Chichi Morah (since 2009) who converted to a Muslim because of him, and now bears a Muslim name, Farida Fasasi.

Farida Fasasi and Lanre Fasasi (Sound Sultan) have three kids together, a girl (About 11 years old) and two boys.

Lanre Fasasi was planning his 45th birthday party before his demise.

Sound sultan’s death touch person; this one-touch well. He will be greatly missed.

May the soul of the faithful departed through the mercy of Christ rest in perfect peace in Jesus’ name, amen.

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