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Diamond ring excerpts

This movie tells the story of a very young boy-Chidi (Acted by Teju Babyface) who was from a rich background.

Chidi gained admission into the University earlier than his counterpart.

At the university, Chidi was pressured by his roommates to join the cult. Chidi joined the cult, not because of anything like fame, money or protection for himself, but to protect his best friend-Bimbo (Acted by Bimbo Akintola) and other girls in his faculty from the sexual harassment of a particular lecturer.

He was given series of tests to know how suitable he was to join the cult. One of them was the graveyard robbery where Chidi and other cultists robbed a dead woman of her most treasured diamond ring.

The ghost (Acted by Liz Benson) in anger made the cultists kill themselves, or caused their deaths, and then left Chidi to go search for her expensive, and most treasured diamond ring, which already crossed the sea.

Will Chidi find the #Diamond ring in order to save his life? Will Chidi’s parents (Acted by RMD and Sola Sobowale) be able to save Chidi’s life? Watch and share your thought on the movie via the comment box… Remember to subscribe to our channel for very interesting content. #lizbenson #rmd #richardmofedamijo #theghostring #diamondring #tejubabyface #solasobowale #bimboakintola #movie #nollywood #tadeogidan

…bringing some good oldies your way this #summer

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