Buhari shares tips on how to overcome insecurity; be COVID 19 safe and how to be a Better Society!”

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Buhari shares tips on how to overcome insecurity; be COVID 19 safe and how to be a Better Society!”

The incumbent President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and the 15th head of State, is Muhammadu Buhari. He has been heading the country, Nigeria since May 29th, 2015 after succeeding Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ) in what seems like the toughest election in the history of elections in the country.

He recently shared tips on how to overcome insecurity, stay safe in this Covid-19 era as well make society better.

View his post on Instagram below:

“We can create the greatest impact by putting into practice the noble teachings of our religion. We must put the fear of God in our daily activities in order to make our society better. I will like to call on Muslims and other faithfuls to continue to show more understanding with the government as we take steps to protect our people through social distancing and other guidelines. The guidelines are dictated by necessity in order to safeguard public health, and should not be perceived as an infringement on people’s right to worship. These are challenging times for the entire world. COVID-19 has had a devastating adverse impact on every aspect of our lives. The preventive guidelines we have introduced to contain the spread of the coronavirus have unfortunately limited people’s freedom to gather and worship in large numbers in mosques and churches. I call for continued patience and understanding from all. We will overcome this pandemic. “

What y’all think?

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