Cardi B has taken over from Nicki Minaj as she is currently…

cardi b and nicki minaj
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Cardi B has taken over from Nicki Minaj as she is currently…

Cardi B has taken over from Nicki Minaj…

Networth? Not yet!

Musically? Not yet! (But wait o, why has GRAMMY refused to give our Queen of rap, “Nicki Minaj” award? Grammy ema j’egba if you don’t award Nicki in the 64th edition of your award. In fact, she deserves 20 awards on that 64th edition. In fact, all the awards in the various categories should be awarded to Nicki Minaj. Nicki Minaj is rap, and rap is Nicki Nicki Minaj and Eve made rap interesting. But of course, I like Cardi B too, she is fantastic as well. It is just so unbalanced that Cardi B who came after Nicki Minaj has won the Grammy award and Nicki who has been there before her, and doing fantastically well is yet to clinch it; odi egwu (as in, this is serious)

But traffic-wise on most social media platforms; yes!

The early part of the year 2021 was one of the toughest times for one of America’s finest rappers, Nicki Minaj. She lost her dad; things didn’t seem to be rosy or were not popping so well like before for her; most especially on her social media pages.

If you recall, 39 years old Nicki Minaj teased her retirement from the music industry to start a family in September 2019 and spoke on completing the paperwork portion of her marriage to 43 years old Kenneth Petty.

Nicki and Kenneth married on Tuesday, October 22, 2019. On the 30th of September 2020, Nicki gave birth to their first son whom they call “Papa Bear.”

After childbirth, the queen of rap stayed away from social media. She was inactive and left her active fans longing for her content, especially her eye-popping pictures.

Nicki Minaj’s traffic dropped; it seemed like all her fans diverted to her rival page, Cardi B, hence generating more traffic for the latter. (Here is proof that Nicki Minaj’s fans diverted to Cardi B’s page when she was away-

Nicki Minaj’s last two or three posts she made before staying off social media suffered comments and likes, which is unusual. Her posts usually generate thousands of comments. But a particular post hardly saw up to 100 comments. View here- .

A visit to Cardi B’s page still sees thousands of her fans commenting on her post. What best describes the sudden switch? Motherhood? Absence from social media platforms for a while?

However, since Nicki Minaj returned online, her fans have also diverted back to her page. Her social media platforms are now active, her fans are active and the traffic has increased back. In fact, her traffic has again surpassed Cardi’s.

What do y’all think?

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Cardi B has taken over from Nicki Minaj as she is currently…

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