Check out the 16-tracks in Mickey Guyton’s “Remember her name,” album. Here is the best…

who is mickey guyton and about her remember her name album
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Mickey Guyton is an American country music artist and songwriter.

About Mickey Guyton’s album “Remember Her Name.”

The title of Mickey Guyton’s studio album is “Remember Her Name.” The album dropped on September 24, 2021, via Capital Records Nashville. The release is a follow-up to her 2020 extended play, Bridges.
Guyton said the 16-track album “Remember her name” is a culmination of the last 10 years of her life in Nashville.

It is hard to pick out the best from these tracks cause they are all great. But my favourite track at the moment is “Lay it on me.” It is on repeat for me.

Here are the tracks below

  1. Remember Her Name 2:58
  2. All American 3:02
  3. Different 2:50
  4. Love My Hair 2:57
  5. Lay It on Me 3:09
  6. Higher 2:56
  7. Dancing in the Living Room 3:16
  8. Do You Really Wanna Know 3:08
  9. Black like me 3:30
  10. Words 3:28
  11. What are you gonna tell her? 3:15
  12. Smoke 2:15
  13. Rosé 2:57
  14. Indigo 2:58
  15. If I were a boy 4:04
  16. Better than you left me (Fly Higher Version) 4:02

Mickey Guyton was born on 17th June 1983 in Texas. Her love for music started during her childhood days where she was exposed to various types of music. Her music career started officially in 2011 after moving to Los Angeles. She met record producer, Julian Raymond who was marveled by her vocal and then introduced her to country music industry professionals Gary Borman and Steve Moir.

In 2011, Mickey Guyton auditioned for UMG Nashville’s Chairman, Mike Dungan. Her outstanding performance made UMG’s Capitol Records, Nashville division sign her, becoming the genre’s only black female artist signed to a major label.

She is married to Grant Savoy whom she dated for over 7 years before marrying him in 2017. Her Net Worth is over 10 million dollars.


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