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Chioma’s name took over the air in Nigeria and overseas the moment Davido introduced her to the world. There was this special liking everybody had for Chioma. I don’t know o whether it is because she is the first baby mama from a different tribe (Igbo) or something else.

People just started naming their kids Chioma and David. The moment the name Chioma is mentioned, the first Chioma that comes to mind is Davido’s Chioma. 

Chioma’s name became more searched than the Nollywood actor’s name, Chioma Chukwuka Akpotha.

Chioma Rowland is a Nigerian lady from the Igbo tribe. She is Davido’s third baby mama and birthed Davido’s first son, Ifeanyi David Adeleke. She is the only baby mama of Davido that has up to 3 million Instagram followers. The other baby mamas have less than 1 million.

Chioma is a chef. She has got fantastic culinary skills, this is evident in the videos and pictures she shares on her channels.

Chioma was born on May 1st, 1995. She would be 27 years old in 2022. She hails from Imo State. She schooled at Babcock. She and her parents attend the Seventh Day Adventists Church.

Chioma’s Net Worth is $100,000

She is Davido’s baby mama with pent-up.  What do you all think?

Frequently asked questions about Davido

F.A.Q- So, how many Babymamas does Davido have?

Davido has four babymamas!

F.A.Q- Who are the four Davidos babymamas? What are the names of Davido’s Babymamas?

  1. Sophia Momodu (Imade’s mother.)
  2. Amanda (Hailey’s mother.)
  3. Chioma (Ifeanyi’s mother.)
  4. Larissa (Dawson’s mother)

F.A.Q- How many kids does Davido have?

Davido has four kids comprising two girls and two boys.

F.A.Q- What are the names of Davido’s children?

  1. Imade
  2. Hailey
  3. Ifeanyi
  4. Dawson

F.A.Q-Who are Davido’s concubines?

Ah, Davido has many o. Remember David in the bible was “A Man after God’s own heart,” but he still had different women.

You see, Davido is “A man after women’s hearts!” Fullstop

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