Coming” video by Naira Marley ft Busiswa finally out. View #explicit scenes here and the meaning…

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“Coming” video by Naira Marley ft Busiswa finally out. View #explicit scenes here and the meaning…

Nigerian singer, Azeez Adeshina Fashola aka Naira Marley dropped an erotic and s-x-inspired tune in the month of March; Thursday, March 18th, 2021 precisely.

(+Pictures) Read the meaning, lyrics and translation of the song and the full review on our music translation blog here @

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The song features South African singer Busiswa aka #Hermajesty.

However the song was banned. Naira Marley revealed this on his Twitter page @officialnairam1.

“Wait, they banned my song already? Haaa!”

Although, minutes later he tweeted again ” Oh, it is not banned yh? Okay, I’m #coming, let me fuck shi upppp”

So, to the main gist jare…

The visual for the song will be dropping Tomorrow. Naira Marley revealed this himself via his Instagram page…

“Some people wish they could post nonsense like us, but they are too busy acting mature to impress those that won’t marry them. #ComingViddroppingtomorrow “

He also shared some erotic pictures from the scene of the visual…View in the slide here –

What y’all think?

It seems like the song will eventually be banned if you ask me…

The song “coming” or “cuming” basically talks about s-x and the gratification derived during it. It is a song that arouses one s-xually…

View the full review/translation @

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