I wonder what first comes to Davido’s baby mama, Chioma’s mind whenever she hears that assurance song! Honestly, she can’t…

are davido and chioma together? are they still dating?
are davido and chioma together? are they still dating?

“Assurance, assurance

I give my baby assurance

I give my baby lifetime insurance”

“And if I ever leave oh (And, if I ever leave)

Make water carry me dey go., far away, far away (Let the

water carry me away, far away)”

The above lines were sung by Nigerian singer and songwriter, David Adeleke aka Davido in his 2019 song titled “Assurance.” Those lines were dedicated to his Igbo lover back then, Chioma, and also featured her in the song’s visual. 

He had released that song solely because of Chioma to prove his love for her, and to assure her that he will never break her heart, even though he did. It seems Davido forgot those lines.

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Assurance by Davido here– https://ogefash.reviews/music-review-assurance-by-davido/

 That was not even the only song he featured Chioma and dedicated to the songs to her. 

Davido also featured Chioma in another video “Wonder woman,” where he referred to Chioma as his “Wonder woman?” Although the video featured his other baby mamas, Sophie and Amanda, however, his lover then was Chioma.

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Ko tu wa pa ri sibe as in, it did not end there o. Davido again

featured Chioma in the song “1 Milli.” 

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 Je ka gbadura (Let us pray)

Ka ye wa dara (That our lives would be good.)

Ko layo ko loyin (So that there would be joy and


K’oma ta po sara wa (They shouldn’t splash oil on our


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1 Milli by Davido here– https://ogefash.reviews/fourteen/

Davido in the song had prayed that nothing should

separate them, that enemies should not pour oil on their clothes. It however seems like awon enemies ti get won, as in the enemies have gotten them, and they have poured oil on their clothes. 

This is because the two are not together anymore. Chioma

and Davido split after Davido cheated on her with Larissa, a model based in London. Larissa even has a son for Davido who bears the name “Dawson.”

Chioma has allegedly moved on with her life as she is

dating a cute handsome rich Igbo guy. It was gathered that Davido reacted to it when he said “There is nothing new under the sun.”

But really, I am wondering what comes to Chioma’s mind whenever the song is played somewhere? Honestly, she can’t remove herself from the song’s visual even if she wished she could!

What do you all think?

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