Davido’s assurance for Chioma shaky, as 4th baby mama; Larissa London shows proof of his paternity…

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Davido’s assurance for Chioma shaky, as 4th baby mama; Larissa London shows proof of his paternity…

“Assurance” was the love song dedicated to Chioma by multiple award-winning singer- Davido to assure the former of his faithfulness and commitment to her in the relationship.

The assurance given has however been betrayed as Davido already welcomed another son with another woman, Larissa London.

A few months back, this gist was just an allegation “a story not proven”, but after Larissa London shared a video of her son, Dawson to her followers on Instagram, the truth was instantly revealed. “Afefe ti fe ati ri furo adiyo” that is, the wind has blown, and we have now seen the yatch or bum of the fowl.” It is no more an allegation, it is real. The child, Dawson is a replica of Davido, and this is proof that Davido is his father…

Hmmm, with this, things can’t just be fine with both Chioma and Davido. Davido has offended Chioma aka “Mama Ifeanyi” no wonder he is now used to the new slogan “I can’t breathe!” How im go breather after committing this act na?

Just imagine, the “one thing” that Chioma was really proud of, that is, being the only woman that has a son for Davido; but now, another woman has a son for him.

So, who go solve the matter now between Davido and Chioma based on the assurance he assured her has been betrayed. Based on the fact that “afefe ti fe ati ri furo adiyo” that is, the wind has blown, and we have now seen the true yatch or bum of the fowl”

But really, I can’t believe Davido did this to Chioma (What exactly does this lady have, that Chioma doesn’t have biko?); after all the assurance he gave her.

No wonder Chioma has not been posting anything about Davido on her page. Davido also has not been posting anything about Chioma on his page. Which is unusual.

No Valentine celebration pictures, no new year pictures, no Christmas pictures; no picture or post that shows both Chioma and Davido together like they used to be before. The last post that showed unity between the two was done in November. Even, if you take a look at the time Chioma posted about Davido’s album, she did not comment on the album like she used to.

As in, it is now evident that things are not fine between Davido and Chioma again; the assurance, oti yiwo. and it is shaky (as in the assurance Davido gave Chioma has gone another direction (negative), and it is shaky). The other baby mamas of Davido must really be happy about it, because, they were really envious of the assurance given to Chioma by Davido…

Truth be told, Davido placed Chioma higher above others, everyone. He truly loves her or loved her. And I am sure he knows that he messed up, that was why he went on Jimmy Kimmel live three weeks ago, and stylishly tendered an apology to Chioma with the love song “Assurance” which he sang for her, and another love song “Jowo” off his “A Better Time” album. It is however not certain if Chioma has forgiven Davido or has decided to move on with her life quietly and secretly without Davido in it. What y’all think?

The ball is in Chioma’s court, she would know how to kick it! If you were Chioma, what would you do?

Watch the full gist here-

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