(+Full Cast + Crew) “Drops of Mercy,” Plot Summary/Movie Synopsis: Starring- Ekama Etim Inyang, Toosweet Annan, Tana Adelana Uche Alexmoore 

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“Drops Of Mercy,” is a 2022 Nigerian/Ghanaian drama. The major actors in the movie are Ekama Etim Inyang (Amara), Toosweet Annan (Joshua), Tana Adelana (Fubara), and Maurice Sam (Damian)

What is the movie “Drops Of Mercy,” about? Drops Of Mercy Synopsis

The story was about two backsliding adults, Amara (Acted by Ekama Etim Inyang) and Joshua ((Acted by Toosweet Annang) who stumbled on each other, gave love a chance, and found their way back to God. 

Joshua had backslid after seeing the way his father, Pastor Anukwe (Acted by Emmanuel Onyekumnaru) constantly maltreated his mother, Hannah Anukwe (Acted by Tonia Okojie) which eventually led to her death. This made Joshua resent his father more. He shot his father in the—

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“Drops Of Mercy,” Plot Summary

30 years old Amara (Acted by Ekama Etim Inyang) was a working-class, spirit-filled selfless daughter of God. Amara was a virgin. She was faithful to God in terms of her offering, tithes, time, and service. She donated generously to the things that pertain to the work of God. She was also a choir leader and had a sonorous voice that made men desire her.

Amara however had her marital fantasies regardless of her spiritual stance. She wanted a muscular romantic man she could travel around the world with, have plenty of s€x with, and have beautiful kids for. She wanted to feel fire spiritually and emotionally. Hence, she instantly turned down the marriage proposal of an unromantic man of God, Elder Livinus (Acted by Doctor Ray) who did not fit her marital fantasies.

Amara lived alone but housed her best friend, Fubara (Acted by Tana Adelana) who also housed her flirty boyfriend, Damian. (Acted by Maurice Sam)

One day, Amara’s world came crashing down when she was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer, the same ailment that had killed her uncle a couple of years ago. She became angry with God for giving her such sickness after serving Him faithfully.

In her anger with God, she started backsliding. She, first of all, went to her place of work and insulted her boss for promoting another staff instead of her, and then quit her job. Amara with the help of her wayward friend, Fubara started partying non-stop and having unprotected s€x.

Certain that she was going to die soon of brain cancer, Amara willed all her property and money to her best friend, Fubara but pleaded with her not to tell her boyfriend Damian. This made Fubara suspicious that something was going on between her best friend, Amara, and her boyfriend Damian.

Feeling guilty, Amara confessed to Fubara that her boyfriend dis-virgin her but she was drunk and did not have much power to push him away. Furious Fubara threw Amara out of the house and collected all her property even though she was not dead yet, and was not going to die anymore since the doctor confirmed a mistake in her final diagnosis.

Amara became helpless. One of her s€xual acts with an Indian man had gone viral and made her case worse. Her unprotected s€x with different men also resulted in pregnancy with Amara having no idea of who the father was. She went back to the church but Elder Livinus threw her out and called her a porn star.

Amara returned to her former company where she had insulted her boss, but her boss sent her away. One day, she was famished but had no money to eat. She entered a restaurant and ordered food hoping to pay for the meal by sweeping and taking care of the restaurant. This however did not go down well with the restaurant staff. A young charming man Joshua (Acted by Toosweet Annan) who was drinking beside her noticed her situation and paid for her meal. 

Joshua tried to converse with Amara but she shoved him off. Joshua returned to his seat and emptied his bottles. He was extremely drunk. Amara noticed how drunk he was and offered to drive him home.

One thing led to another, Joshua allowed Pregnant Amara to start living in his house. They became so close and shared each other’s pasts. Amara told Joshua how she backslid after she was mistakenly diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer. She also told him how she slept with her best friend’s man in her drunken nature and got pregnant for an unknown man.

Joshua on the other hand told Amara how he was living with his parents Pastor Anukwe and Hannah Anukwe (Acted by Emmanuel Onyekumnaru and Tonia Okojie respectively) because he did not want his daddy to kill his mummy. He also confessed to shooting his dad in the leg after he pushed his mum to death.

Joshua and Amara bonded more and sought ways to return to God. But returning to God meant forgiving people who offended them. Joshua was not willing to forgive his dad yet. He was still hurting, and this constantly caused an issue between him and Amara who due to this went into labor before time.

Amara —

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“Drops Of Mercy,” Cast

Ekama Etim Inyang acted as Amara, Toosweet Annan acted as Joshua, Emmanuel Onyekumnaru acted as Pastor Anukwe, Tonia Okojie acted as Hannah Anukwe, Tana Adelana acted as Fubara, Maurice Sam acted as Damian, Joe Rock acted as Pastor, Doctor Ray acted as Elder Livinus, Lilian Emefiele Aliemeke acted as Doctor Ray, Blessing Akakam acted as M.D, Princess Acho acted as Neighbor, Onyeso Odera David (Bishop) acted as Manager, Uche Alexmoore acted as Doctor Alexmoore, Michael Kalu acted as Hooker, Ayonide Marshal acted as Waiter, Peejay Edozie acted as Bar Attendant.

“Drops Of Mercy,” Crew

Screenplay: Ukeme Ninedeys

Script supervisor: Waheed Abdulateef Folorunsho

Editor: Emeka Samuel Chinedu

Associate producer: Michael Kalu

Assistant Director: Waheed Abdulateef Folorunsho

Director: Uche AlexMoore

Production House: Royal Arts Academy

Year: 2022

Country: Nigeria, Ghana

Genre: Drama

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