Rema “Elections” Lyrics Meaning and Lyrics Translation

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Music Review: “Elections” by Rema ft Bluenax

“Elections” is a song by Nigerian singer and songwriter, Divine Ikubor known professionally as Rema. 

The song premiered a few days ago. It was produced by Bluenax. It is off his forthcoming album.  

The artist sang in standard English and Pidgin

“Elections” Meaning Rema

What is the meaning of the song “Elections” by Rema?

Here is Rema “Elections” meaning:

“Elections” by Rema is a song about the “Elections” in the country that are not free, fair, and credible despite people coming out to cast their votes. Rema also says it is e–

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Elections” Lyrics Translation     

Rema “Elections” Lyrics

“Elections” lyrics by Rema

Lyrics to “Elections



Bluenax you bad oh


2023 Election don come and e don’t go [2023 Elections have come and gone.]

Many youths gather attention come outside and we come vote [Many Youths came outside to vote.]

Even if it be like say so many people dey don rig [Even if it seems like they rigged in many people.]

They want cause kasala, dey wan cause wahala [They want to cause trouble.]

My brother you don’t understand, the way we dey feel [My brother, you don’t understand the way I feel.]

We waka under rain, sun and pressure to cast [We walked under the rain, sun and pressure to cast our votes.]

We fill our vote make in count but still in no count [We filled out votes so they can count, but, they still didn’t count.]

We want to cause e wahala [We want to cause problem.]

My brother calm down 

Make dem no turn your name to hashtag [So that they don’t turn your name to a hasttag.]

God dey see am [God can see them.]

God dey see am [God can see them.]

God dey see am [God can see them.]

Ah ah ah ah

ooh ooh ooh ah ah ah

Rema and Bluenax “Elections” Mp3/Watch the video for the song “Elections” by Bluenax below

Duration: 2 minutes 01 second

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