Fans slam Dwayne Johnson “The Rock” for buying his mum a Cadillac as a Christmas gift instead of…

Fans slam Dwayne johnson the rock for gifting his mum a small car on christmas
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Ah ah, some fans can complain sha.

So, 73 years old Ata Johnson is the mother of world-famous former wrestler, and actor Dwayne Johnson “The Rock.” Ata Johnson is also the grandmother of Simone Alexandra Johnson, Jasmine Lia Johnson, Tiana Gia Johnson; the three daughters of Dwayne Johnson “The Rock.”

Ata was recently gifted a cute car, “Cadillac” by her celebrity son, “The Rock” on a Christmas. 

View his post after gifting his mum a car below 

“This one felt good. Surprised my mom with a new car for Christmas today. She was shocked. She got a few good ugly cries in. Then once her grandbabies joined her inside the car. She was overcome with pure joy. Hell, even Hobbs, my dog wanted to peep the whip with his new Christmas chicken. I am so grateful I can do this kinda stuff for my mom, who’s had one helluva life. I don’t take any of it for granted. Neither does she. Merry Christmas ma, enjoy your new ride!!! And your Elvis records. We love you. You deserve a lot more. Dj”

It is a nice small Cadillac car and seems befitting for elders. 

However, Dwayne Johnson “The Rock’s” choice of car for his mummy doesn’t seem to sit too well with his fans who felt he was stingy to buy his mum that kind of car. Kindly view the car in the slide-

Some fans felt he could have gifted her a Range Rover instead of a Cadillac. 

Some however congratulated him. What do you think about Dwayne Johnson “The Rock’s,” choice of car as Christmas gift for his mum?

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@mustaffa82: You can do better than that, you have a lot of money. How about a Range Rover?

@daveh392: Why didn’t you get her something decent like a G63

@Christhegamer5810: @daveh392 maybe because she is older, and, maybe she doesn’t drive vehicles like that. I am sure he knows his mom.

@daveh392: @Christhegamer5810 older people can drive G63’s

@mohaddeses.kh20: Wooooooooow

@skillie06: The way you bless your loved ones- respect.

@baraa.kennawi: He waited until now to buy his mom a car, and he is already years ago multi-millionaire!!? WTF! It’s really weird world

@triice_emma: @baraa.kennawi, 3 years ago, he bought her a household, so, I am sure this is just another big gift.

@chadtepper: So beautiful, you are such a good dude.

@robinson_dean: Can you ever gift someone without videoing if for the world?

@jones_parker: Moms deserve the world they gave us.

@munachi_o: Dwanta Clause.

@jonbrandoncruz: Congrats @atajohnson

@upworthy: This man’s heart is made of melted chocolate and gold. How beautiful

@cadillac: We hope your mum loves her new ride, and you all have a wonderful year to come.

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