(Fiction) The Grave Call by Ogefash

should i commit suicide?
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The setting was kind of different; Chelsea intuited with her eyes closed. There was no rhythm, din, food aroma or phone beeps. She was perplexed about what happened to the furniture, electrical gadgets, fun images, families and friends she once used to see. 

She inquisitively opened her eyes and noticed that she was in a non-capacious room, a coffin. Chelsea soon realized she was all alone. She instantly sought ways to leave the place that was no room to swing a cat. All combat efforts were futile except her soundless wish. 

In an instant, Chelsea was out. She gasped when she sighted rows of gravestones that stood erect in silence at all corners like a sea of the dead.

The place was spooky. Chelsea ran unsteadily, oblivious that she was stepping on other people’s graves. It perhaps angered the occupants as the air suddenly froze; the only sound in the atmosphere was the terrifying rustling of dry leaves. 

Chelsea could see shadows aside hers. In fright, she looked back and saw hundreds of fierce young faces. 

She was filled with fear and ran faster than her legs, but not for too long. She was soon surrounded by ghostly figures ready to pounce on her. 

For every eye she looked into, she could decipher their end; they all committed suicide with the hope to find solace after death. 

Chelsea instantly knew whatever she came here for was not yet here for her. It wasn’t her time yet. The grave had made the wrong call this time.

Chelsea woke up from the ghostly nightmare panting heavily. Staring right back at her were some suicidal objects. She instantly cleared them and made up her mind never to attempt suicide again irrespective of the earthly trauma but to keep striving till one-day things get better. 

Ogefash wrote the story.

(Advice: The graveyard is very quiet and lonely, don’t be in a hurry to end a life you can not create. Defeat fear, worries, pains, depression, sickness, death, evil voice, suicide call, and stand firm. Just keep pushing, striving, persevering, and one day, just one day, you would be the next in line for EXTREME GREATNESS. Suicide should not be an option!)

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