Finally!!! Meet Kizz Daniels twins, and babymamas…

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Finally!!! Meet Kizz Daniels twins, and babymamas

Yeahhhh, ladies crush, Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe, aka Kizz Daniel, recently welcomed his twin boys- Jelani and Jalil with his partner.

This was a double celebration for the singer and songwriter. This is because Kizz Daniel was also born on the 1st of May, but in the year 1994.

The 27 years old singer revealed this on his Instagram page on May 1st, 2021. He however did not reveal any information about his partner and the mother of his twins.

Kizz Daniel also shared pictures of him holding the hands of his twins but did not share pictures of him holding the hand of the mother of his kids may be during childbirth or somewhere else.

It is not clear if Kizz Daniel is already secretly married to this partner, or she is a baby mama. Every attempt to get information out of him has proved abortive.

Kizz Daniel’s mouth is as tight as a safe box, honestly, he may still not say anything about anything even in decades’ time, and even if you tried to force his mouth open.

Kizz Daniel has three kids in total now. Remember that he welcomed a child some years back with his partner, who may also be the mother of his twins.

The Flex singer doesn’t seem like one that flirts. He is a faithful lover; a kind of lover most ladies yearn for. Little wonder his fans were surprised after the birth of his twins, and some fans, females in particular, heartbroken after they learned he was already off the bachelors’ market (Epele o, eyin obirin, he is taken. (As in, sorry ladies, he is taken.)

May God bless Kizz Daniel, his kids, and the mother of his kids.

Finally!!! Meet Kizz Daniels twins, and babymamas

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