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A bully is someone that intimidates or abuses another person verbally, nonverbally, or physically. A bully uses force or threat to get something from another person.

Five (5) easy ways to stop a bully

  1. First of all, be aware that the act is “Bully”; know what type of bully it is.
  2. Educate staff, students, and their parents on the importance of not taking it lightly, and the need to address it urgently. A bully is insecure.
  3. When a bully bullies you, make sure you report the person to an adult; don’t keep it to yourself or suffer in silence. Share your experience with an adult.
  4. It is imperative to take note of the place a bully likes to hang out and bully others. Monitor the place non-stop in case he/she chooses the place for his or her next act.
  5. Once the bully is discovered, let the parents of the bully be aware of their child’s actions. There is a possibility that the bully’s parents don’t know about it. The bully should be corrected for his wrong action and monitored to see that he/she does not return to it. Once this is done, the act of bully will be curbed.

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