(+Full cast + crew) Movie Synopsis: I refuse to bury my wife. Starring: Kanayo. O. Kanayo, Stanley Igboanugo, Jane Obi, Mary Igwe, Doris Ugo


I am wondering if this is the real title of the movie or if it is just a title given to the movie by one of the Youtube creators to pull viewers? Well whichever it is, it certainly pulled me to view the movie. What about you?

What is the movie “I refuse to bury my dead wife,” all about?

The movie tells the story of a wealthy man, Odigwe Livinus (Acted by Kanayo. O Kanayo) his wife, Theresa (Acted by Doris Ugo), and three kids Stella, Rebecca, Son (Acted by Mary Igwe, Jane Obi and, ——- respectively)

Unknown to Odigwe’s family, he was a member of a secret cult. He was charged to donate his wife for his wealth and power renewal. His wife, Theresa must die in a motor accident that he already orchestrated. 

However, his wife survived the accident. He is reminded by the cult leader of the few days he has to donate his wife or else he would die in her place. 

Odigwe attempts to kill his wife spiritually in his house, but, one of his daughter’s (Rebecca) fervent prayers hinders his evil mission. 

One day, Odigwe sends Rebecca on an errand and kills his wife physically, offering her as a sacrifice in his secret club.

After Odigwe successfully killed his wife, he took her corpse home, but, somehow, Theresa’s corpse refused to enter his compound in the village. This immediately made Theresa’s sister and brother, Jidenna (Acted by Stanley Igboanugo) conclude that she was killed by her husband.

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I refuse to bury my dead wife cast and crew

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