Funny reactions of pool of people in this pool of water. Whose cake is this in the pool? View what else drowned in the flood aside cars!

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(+Angry reactions) Flooded Lagos; did this happen in your area too? Cars drowned, and

Flooded Lagos; did this happen in your area too?

First of all, I celebrate you viewing this video for making it home safe and sound.

Yesterday’s rain was something else. It has never been experienced in Lagos before.

Ah! Oh serious! I must say the whole Lagos was flooded, if not the whole country.

Please, if you live outside Lagos, did it rain heavily too there? Did cars drown? Were houses carried away? Did people lose their items? Kindly share the experience please..

This particular video you are watching was recorded by one of Ogefash TV crew. This flooded area is along that St. Dominics Catholic Church road, Yaba. The whole axis was flooded. From Sabo to Jibowu was like a free pool for people to swim in, but a dirty pool. It rained heavily non stop.

A lot of people were stuck in the place they were in before the rain kicked off. Businesses suffered as people were unable to patronise them in that heavy rain and flooded location.

Cars drowned, and I am sure people’s personal belongings like footwear, phones, money, were carried away in the flooded area.

If you check am well, I know those whose birthday was Yesterday may have had their cakes ruined in the heavy rain, especially pedestrians. So , if you find any cake in the video, I am asking; whose cake abeg? Oya identify yourself in the comment section!

Moving on….

Nigerians did not find the experience funny, as many said it is a fucked up country. Do you think it is a fucked up country too? Do you think the country is finished too?

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