Here are the names of the customers that Ireti Doyle’s daughter, Kachi scammed, and she’s owing millions of naira…

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Here are the names of the customers that Ireti Doyle’s daughter, Kachi is owing millions of naira…
Kindly view their names in the slide here-

In fact, at this juncture, this matter has moved from messier to the messiest (biko, as in please, permit me to use the word messiest, even if it doesn’t exist)

Just negodu (see); all the fame, all the trolling, all the name calling, all the trending for the past few weeks for a negative behavior. Odi so bad Kachi (As in this is so bad Kachi).

So, to the main gist jare-

Nollywood actress, Iretiola Doyle is currently being dragged on all social media platforms over her first daughter, Kachy’s criminal act.

It was gathered that Kachi who owns a big and well purchased hair outlet in Ikeja- “KACHI BEAUTY PRODUCTS” collected huge money from hundreds of traders who wanted to buy wigs and hair accessories from her store and resell them. But in the end, Kachi did not supply the traders what they paid for. She ran away with their money, or better still, she scammed these people.

These got the scammed people angry and they started trolling her. In fact, the trolling was too much that Kachi had to be blocking all of them on her social media pages, as well as deleting their comments. This her blocking “up and down” is what reduced her followers drastically.

So, since the trolls have been blocked and have no channel to troll her directly, they decided to jump on her mother’s page, Ireti Doyle who is a public figure, and used to advertise her daughter’s hair on her page. While some implored Ireti Doyle to plead with her daughter, Kachi to return their money, some insulted her straightway. They called her “The Mother of a Thief.”

The actress initially ignored them and posted a picture with the caption “fearless” to show that “she is not shaken,” and will not “be shaken” by any troll or insult. But now, “oti wa shaken (she is now shaken),” as she recently disassociated herself from her daughter, Kachi and her beauty product (#loriiro). In fact, she even revealed her daughter’s age (so, she be nwata (child) self) and called her by her full name- Abimbola Ngozo Onyeulo which is an acronym for ANO. Shockingly, the mother and daughter don’t even follow each other on Instagram.

View what Ireti Doyle posted about daughter’s business below.

Public Notice Disclaimer
“I reiterate and write to inform All parties concerned and the general public that I am in no way connected to KACHI BEAUTY PRODUCTS. I do not and have never owned a share, been a director, been on the payroll or received any financial benefits from said business.
I have zero affiliation with or interest of any nature in KACHI BEAUTY PRODUCTS and its board/proprietors.
Mrs. Abimbola Ngozi Onyeulo (nee Ozofor) aka KACHI the 34-year old founder of said business is one of my biological offspring and that is the extent of the relationship.
In light of the above facts, I implore all persons who have been adversely affected in their business dealings with Kachi to liaise directly with her or the appropriate authorities equipped to deal with such matters to resolve any differences.
Iretiola Doyle”

Now, how is this getting messier? How has it gone messiest?
Angry Nigerians have set up various social media pages in Kachi’s name to bring her down as well as her business “Kachi Beauty Product.” Some of the pages are @Kachithescammer, @kachipetition, and so on.
In fact Nigerians are lambasting Kachi everywhere her name is being mentioned. View some reactions to her criminal attitude below:

@samantha_idunu Oloribu maje ka bi omo ta sowalenu…can feel her mother’s pain
@chidinmaclassy: But mother’s take a lot. If your child should commit one thing, you are the next in line to blame.
@seyitokun: Kachy is a thief
@debbymar27: Na the pikin be thief not the mother. Most times our mothers trained us well, to the best of their abilities but we grow up, and choose our lifestyles ourselves. The daughter is an adult, will she flog her? Do you know if she has been talking to the daughter?
@arans.sally: True though, but what has she done so far concerning what the daughter has been doing?
@fj_b12: Finally, at last, kachibeautyproducts need to vomit our money by fire by hook. The irritating part is that she does not even care or give a damn. No body I know has gotten their hairs, yet she lies it is with distributors. Liar! One year and the half, still nothing. If you comment or complain about your hair, she would delete it.
@kachipetition: Abimbola Ngozikachi Onyeulo: The face of an unrepentant thief, and scammer, highlygreedy. She got the wigs, truly, they came, but rather than deliver to those that had paid her upfront, she opened a wig gallery in December where she displayed the wigs in her shop. She delivered about 5% of the wigs people had paid for to them, and did not deliver at all to most people…

If you ask me, I will say Kachi couldn’t handle high demand after her mum advertised her and her business on her Instagram page. Kachi mixed everything up and got herself in this mess.

What do y’all think?

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