Here are the remaining GUS housemates contending for the 50 million naira prize money. Is a “She” going to win this year’s edition?

here are the remaining gulder ultimate search housemates contending for 50 million naira prize money
here are the remaining gulder ultimate search housemates contending for 50 million naira prize money

The Gulder Ultimate Search reality Show is gradually coming to a wrap. The show kicked off some weeks back with about 18 contestants. So far, 11 contestants have been evicted, remaining only seven. 

These are the remaining housemates of the Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS) 12 Reality show. 

(GUS casts can be viewed here

  1. Odudu Ime Otu: Odudu is from the south-south. He is from Akwa-Ibom state. He is an athlete and enjoys playing basketball. He wants to be a model. He owns his Non-For-Profit Organization. He aspires to play basketball at a professional level and also become a business consultant. Lebron James is his role model.
  2. Estima Edem: Edem is from the South-South. She is from Akwa Ibom. She is a graduate of accounting. She is a model and a caterer. She plans to model for major brands. She runs an NGO which takes care of the needy by providing basic needs (clothes, food, etc.) She thinks she has all it takes to beat the world and come out top.
  3. Rachael Kafayat Bello: Rachael is a Yoruba lady. She is from the western part of Nigeria. She is a good cook and loves to sing. She owns her own soap brand, and she is a part-time realtor. She is a graduate of microbiology and indulges in her part-time passion for tie and dye in her spare time.
  4. Damilola Odedina: Damilola is a Yoruba boy. He is from the western part of Nigeria. He is a cinematographer and a video editor. He has a first degree in Economics and a post-graduate degree in journalism. He believes that every gift and talent one possesses should be for the good of humanity. He has a passion for sports development and hopes to be a catalyst to transform the Nigerian sports sector into a money-spinning sector.
  5. Chidinma Okeibe: Chidinma is an Igbo girl. She is from the eastern part of Nigeria. Human resources manager and a project assistant. She also functions as a digital marketer. She was a teacher. She has a passion for teaching the younger generation how to make the right career choice. She believes every woman should be empowered in Today’s world and supports girl child education.
  6. Solomon Yankari: Solomon is from the Northern part of Nigeria. He is from Bauchi. He is the only northerner in the house. He is a fitness instructor, a personal trainer, and owns a gym in Bauchi. He loves to explore, and he is working towards building a fitness and music community. He aspires to be successful in the fitness industry and to build a gym franchise.
  7. Damola Johnson: Damola is a Yoruba boy. He is from the western part of Nigeria. He is a film director, a media executive, and a writer. He is a business developer within the tech industry. He owns a motion picture company and hopes that his movie will be on the big screen one day.

Is a girl going to win this year’s edition? The only way to find out is to keep your eyes glued to the television set whenever it is being aired.

About Gulder Ultimate Search (GUS)

GUS is an acronym for “Gulder Ultimate Search,” a very popular reality television show where the successfully chosen contestants are given tasks (intellectual and physical) and always searching for a missing treasure. 

The contestant who finds the missing treasure is always rewarded handsomely in cash and with material things.

GUS kicked off in the early 2000s. The first edition of GUS was in 2004. The reality show was aired consecutively for eleven years before the organizers stopped the show abruptly. It stopped in the year 2014.

Several reality shows like BBNaija, Maltina Dance Hall, Maltavator challenge, Dance with Peter, and so on merged in the absence of GUS.

Regardless of the introduction of these other reality shows, people still yearned for GUS to return on the widescreen as most of them said it is better than other reality shows.

Fast forward to 2021, the organizers decided to satisfy people’s yearnings and brought back the GUS show.

This year’s edition of GUS is season 12. The theme is “Age of Craftsmanship.” Only 18 contestants made it to the jungle out of the thousands that auditioned for the show.

The GUS 2021 anchor is Toke Makinwa, while the Taskmaster is Kunle Remi. Kunle Remi was a contestant in the GUS show in 2010; season 7 precisely.

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