Here is a list of the people Buhari feeds with his monthly salary of about 3…..

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Here is a list of the people Buhari feeds with his monthly salary of about 3…..

The incumbent President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and the 15th head of State, is Muhammadu Buhari.

He has been heading the country, Nigeria since May 29th, 2015 after succeeding Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ) in what seems like the toughest election in the history of elections in the country.

Buhari was born to a Fulani family on Thursday, 17th of December, 1942, in Katsina State. He is a retired Major General of the Nigerian Army.

He was once married to Safinatu Yusuf in the year 1971, but the union collapsed in the year 1988. The union however produced five children; 4 girls and a boy.

In 1989, he married Aisha Buhari, who is now the first lady of Nigeria. They both have four girls and a boy too. He is supposedly earning about 3 million naira per month in writing, but he actually earns over that.

Below is a list of people Buhari feeds off his supposed 3 million naira monthly salary

1. First wife: Safinatu (Late now) . Safinatu died from complications of Diabetes in 2006.

2. The kids of the first wife: 5 kids (Four girls: Zulaihat (late now; died of a sickle cell anemia), Fatima, Hadiza, Safinatu, and a boy: Musa (late now))

3. Second wife (Now the first lady of Nigeria!) Aisha Buhari

4. The kids of the second wife/first lady: 5 kids (Four girls and a boy: Aisha, Halima, Zahra, Amina and Yusuf)

5. Parents (Mallam Hardo Adamu (Late now) and Zulaihat)

6. Fulani relatives

7. His political party: APC

8. Close ties in the Nigeria Army

9. About 300 head of cattle

10. About 30 Sheep

11. Over five horses

12. Uncountable birds

13. Chef

14. Guards

15. Maids

16. Secret Security Service

17. Other security personnel

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