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If you see Banky W playing, acting, or speaking nicely in front of the camera when asked about Wizkid, an artist he established, just know that he is pretending. It is evidently evident that the communication between Wzkid and Banky W has gone sour.

In Nigeria, record label owners and their signees don’t always part ways on a good note or term. It always ends with a fight with the artist hating the record label for one thing or the other.

Of course, topping this issue of record label/signee fight is the Mavin record label. Mavin record label formerly “Mo’hits,” is owned by Don Jazzy, and those that exited the group are not in communication with Don Jazzy, except Tiwa Savage. I mean, you don’t need a soothsayer to tell you that the communication between ex mavins and Don Jazzy has gone sour. 

The same thing happened to Kizz Daniel when he left G-WorldWide entertainment; the exit was with a fight.

So, back to Banky W, why am I bringing this issue up. It is because, recently, Banky W was forced to say something about Wizkid after years of being mute about his success and international breakthroughs and winnings. I am sure he just didn’t want people to say he was jealous of Wizkid’s success.

Banky W said, he named Wizkid’s first album “Superstar” because he already saw the attributes of a “Superstar” in him.

Wizkid did not even respond to Banky W. In fact, since Wizkid’s exit from Banky W’s record label “E.ME”, he has never mentioned Bank W ever in his success journey. 

Wizkid did not even attend Banky W’s wedding, he did not congratulate him. He also did not help Bank W financially when he was down financially and sold his car for him and his wife to afford numerous IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) fees. He also did not congratulate Banky W after he welcomed a baby with his wife, Adesua three years after marriage.

So, really communication between them has gone sour, and here is why that may have happened. Perhaps, Wizkid feels Banky W did not treat him well or exploited him while still under the record label- Empire Mates Entertainment (E.M.E) founded by Banky W and his close friend, Tunde Demuren

What do you all think?


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