Joe Biden and Kamala Harris
July 31, 2019 - Detroit, Michigan, U.S. - JOE BIDEN and KAMALA HARRIS pose for the photo spray during a commercial break at the second of two Democratic Debates in Detroit hosted by CNN and sanctioned by the DNC.(Credit Image: © Brian Cahn/ZUMA Wire)

America, which is one of the most popular countries in the the continent of North America has just concluded its presidential election, with Joe Biden emerging winner.

Joe Biden defeated the outgoing president- Donald Trump to become the 46th president of the United States of America. Joe Biden and his vice, Kamala Harris would be officially sworn in a few weeks’ time. While Joe Biden is a white man, Kamala Harris is the country’s first black and South Asian vice president to hold that office.

Joe Biden and his vice president had a lot of people clamouring for his victory. He had the support of religious bodies, corporate bodies, governors of various states in America, citizens of other countries, as well as celebrities in America and other parts of the world.

Also, Joe Biden is ready to restore America, and make it a country where there is calmness and civility. He plans on restoring the soul of America and make the better angels prevail over the dark angels. He intends to make America lead, not only by the example of its power, but, by the power of its example.

While Trump’s tenure brought a lot of hate, division, and darkness; Joe’s tenure is ready to pull them out from all these. Joe doesn’t see red and blue states differently, he intends to unite the whole of United States. He intends to heal America.

Joe is the listening type and has all the qualities of a good president.

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Source: CNN

Image source: Mother Jones

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