Here is the tracklist from Dunsin Oyekan’s “The Glory Experience (Songs of Zion) Album

here is the tracklist off dunsin oyekan's album titled the glory experience- songs of zion
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38 years old Dunsin Oyekan is a Nigerian gospel singer and songwriter from Ilorin.

He has two kids (A boy and a girl) birthed by his wife, Doyin, who is now late. May God keep resting her soul.

He recently dropped an album titled “The Glory Experience (Songs of Zion).” The album comes in 14 tracks. The following are the tracks in the album.

  1. Kaabo
  2. Before the Lord our God
  3. The Code of Worship
  4. When God walks in
  5. Those who will win
  6. Halleluyah- The sacred sound
  7. Arise
  8. Roar
  9. Ascend
  10. God of all possibilities
  11. People of His presence
  12. One on One
  13. Always God
  14. Can’t be less

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