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Here is what singer- Oxlade just revealed to his fans…

Here is what singer- Oxlade just revealed to his fan

Headies “Next Rated” category award nominee, Ikuforiji Olaitan Abdulrahman aka Oxlade is a popular Nigerian singer born on the 22nd of April, 1997.

He is known for dropping tuneful vibes.

He just revealed to his fan that the video for “Wait for you” is finally out on Youtbue after months of releasing the audio without any visual.

“Wait for you” is a love song by Melvitto and it features Oxlade. In his Instagram post about the video release, he simply said ” Assure her/him with this song. Don’t thank me. Just do the damn thing!”

He even went as far as saying the song is the hardest RnB in the whole of UAR n Beyond…Interestingly, no fan attacked him after using the name “UAR.” If you recall UAR (United African Republic) is the proposed name change for Nigeria by a tax consultant- Jokotoye

View some of the lyrics/translation for the song “Wait for You” by Melvitto ft Oxlade

You get my number (You have my number)

I go dey wait for your buzz (I would be waiting for your call)

Don’t be late; no no no (Don’t be late; no no no)

I go dey wait for your call (I will be waiting for your call)

You get my number, my number (You have my number; my number)

I go dey wait for your call o (I would be waiting for your call)

Baby don’t be late; don’t delay no (Baby don’t be late; don’t delay)

Moni ko gba mi lori ago (I said you should call my phone.)

Gba mi lori ago (Call my ohone.)

I go dey wait for you (I would be waiting for you.)

I go dey wait for your call o (I would be waiting for your call.)

Moni ko gba mi lori ago (I said call me on the phone.)

Gba mi lori ago (Call my ohone.)

I go dey wait for you (I would be waiting for you.)

I go dey wait for you (I would be waiting for you)

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