Airtel cheap data

If there is one planet that likes affordability, it must be planet earth. The people on planet earth love to buy things that won’t affect their pockets heavily. Hence, the reason some business owners sell or offer their products at a cheap or reasonable amount to consider their customers pocket as well as get quick sales.

However, while some business owners do the aforementioned genuinely, some do it with the intention of scamming the unknowing customers.

Airtel network for instance is a good example of this. Their cheap data is a total scam. It is either their cheap doesn’t connect at all, or they give you lesser data.

Their 250 MB data for 50 Naira; did you know that it is not up to 250mb? It is probably 50mb or less!

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  1. Misan

    Airtel’s cheap data only works at night, and finishes easily too; heavy scammers.
    But their call rate is the best!

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