Here is why you no longer have a fresh breath.

simple way to keep your breath fresh and keep that babe
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When that beautiful lady flinches after approaching her, it is not because you are bankrupt, but the offensive odour spewing out from your mouth.

Yes, your mouth is smelling so bad, and she can’t stand it. Gosh, can’t you smell your bad breath?

How to smell your breath and tell that it is bad

Cup your hands and move them close to your mouth and nose; whatever smell emits from your mouth answers whether you have a fresh or bad breath. 

Don’t deceive yourself; you will know if your breath is offensive or not. If it is fresh, ensure you continue keeping it fresh. If it is terrible, kindly keep reading to find out what is causing it.

What causes bad breath?

You are using an outdated toothbrush.

If you are still holding on to that old brush because you love the design, or perhaps the brush brand is scarce in the market, you are doing your mouth more harm.

It is because the more you use your toothbrush, the more the bristles lose their firmness, which means they can’t brush your tongue and teeth correctly again. You are even breeding germs in your mouth.

An old brush would wear out, and the bristles will start to fall. An old brush is honestly as ineffective as dead batteries. It is time for you to misplace that brush and never find it again.

You should replace your brushes should be replaced every 2-3 months.

Impotent toothpaste

Toothpaste is very significant when it comes to keeping fresh breath. Don’t go for cheap or low-quality pastes when you can afford high-quality pastes.

An effective toothpaste should contain fluoride. Fluoride strengthens the teeth and protects them from decay.

Leftover food stored in the mouth

Usually, there are still bits of food left between your teeth and in your mouth after eating. So, if you don’t brush after eating or before going to bed, bacteria will grow on the residue left in your mouth. They also decay in the mouth, leaving you with bad breath.


You can stain your teeth, damage your gums and be left with bad breath via smoking. Quit smoking!

How long should you brush your teeth? Current 

It is recommended to brush twice a day, morning and evening, for about two minutes. 

If you can even brush after each main meal, not snack, it would be best to do that.

The simple trick about how to have a fresh breath

  • Brush often to remove any trapped food between your teeth and in your mouth.
  • Flossing also helps remove trapped food between your teeth and in your mouth. 
  • Give your gums, teeth and mouth a daily oral rinse with mouthwash. It contains an antiseptic to kill harmful bacteria that lives between your teeth, tongue and mouth. You can use it to kill bacteria, bad breath and prevent decay.
  • Scrape your tongue with a scraper to eliminate the coating that usually forms on your tongue and causes bacteria. If you don’t have a scraper, gently use your brush on that spot. However, a scraper will reach the back of your tongue better than your toothbrush. It will also kill bacteria, food debris, and dead cells better than brushing.
  • It would be best you chew sugarless gum instead of mints. Bacteria use anything sugary to make acid, which will wear down your teeth and cause bad breath. Sugarless gum stimulates saliva, which is the mouth’s defence mechanism against plaque acids.
  • If the bad breath continues, visit your doctor to see if the problems are related to a medical issue.


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