Pastor Paul and Ifeanyi Adefarasin’s Biography + Net Worth + Awards, and how they came about “House On The Rock Church.”


Pastor Paul Adefarasin is a speaker, philanthropist, author, and the founder of “The Rock Cathedral-House On The Rock Church.” His wife, Pastor Ifeanyi is also a speaker, philanthropist, and co-founder of the church. She is the founder of Woman to Woman Ministry, Lagos.

The House On The Rock Church is a popular church along the Lekki-Epe Expressway, Lagos, Nigeria. The Rock Cathedral is a famous church as the founders deliver powerful and soul-lifting messages. The church is a multiracial and multifaceted non-denominational Church with 77 parishes and fellowships across Africa and Europe.

Pastor Paul was born on Friday, 25th January 1963. He is nine years older than his wife, Ifeanyi who was born on Saturday, September 16th, 1972. Both Pastor Paul and Ifeanyi are over 50 years of age, but you would hardly tell because they have good physiques that make them look younger than their supposed age.  

Both are from different tribes in Nigeria. Pastor Paul is a Yoruba man while Pastor Ifeanyi is an Igbo woman. They are of mixed-breed too. While Pastor Paul is Jamaican (Mother)- Nigerian (Father), Pastor Ifeanyi is German (Mother)- Nigerian (Father).

Both were born with a silver spoon. Pastor Ifeanyi’s dad, Victor Nonyelum Mordi, was a prominent Nigerian Professor. Professor Mordi was the head of the Department of Pathology of Medicine at the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria in Kaduna State, while his wife, Gisa Mordi was also successful in her doings.

Pastor Paul’s parents are Honourable Justice Joseph Adefarasin (Chief Justice of Lagos State from Ijebu Ode) and Hilda Adefarasin (A women’s rights activist of Caribbean descent and the former president of the National Council of Women’s Societies (NCWS). His brothers are also in the pastoral field. They are Rev. Wale Adefarasin, Adebola Adefarasin, Yinka Ogundipe, and Apostle Yemi Adefarasin.

Pastor Paul and Ifeanyi got married about three decades ago. They got married on Saturday, 3rd June 1995. This is a long-lasting marriage built on love, kindness, openness, and a relationship with God. The union has so far produced three kids; two boys and a girl (Hilda Adebola, Alvin Adegboyega, and Alexander Adekunle.) 

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How did they come about “House On The Rock Church?”

Pastor Ifeanyi has always loved to work with God and for God. After graduating with a Bachelor of Architecture at the University of Miami, he practiced in Florida.

Before returning to Nigeria to take up the pastoral task, Pastor Paul studied at the International Bible Institute of London where 

he received a Diploma in Christian Ministry.

He then started his church, House On The Rock in 1994, a year before he married his wife. 

He and his wife are the brains behind the biggest annual musical concert in Nigeria and Africa, “The Experience.” The concert has been on for over 15 years with millions of people across 180 countries and territories tuning in online to view it.


For over 20 years, Pastor Paul Adefarasin has been the host of the program, “Something Is About To Happen.” The program airs across Africa, Europe, and North America on terrestrial and satellite television.

The brain behind the annual musical concert, “The Experience.” The concert has been on for over years, and each year is always a success.

Conferred with honorary citizenship of the State of Georgia and the State of South Carolina, United States of America.

Net Worth

They are worth thousands of dollars!


After his primary education at St Saviour’s School in Ikoyi and Igbobi, College in Yaba, Nigeria he proceeded to Haileybury College in England for his secondary school education.

His wife, Pastor Ifeanyi studied at the University of Lagos.

Books Authored by Pastor Paul Adefarasin

  • Something Is About to Happen
  • Change Your World
  • The Call For A Performing Generation (Revised)
  • Hope On The Go

Awards received by Pastor Paul Adefarasin

  • Forbes Best of Africa Most Influential Personality of the Year Award 2021
  • United Nations-backed Most Influential People of African Descent Award
  • Achievers Award for Leadership Excellence by the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN)
  • Transformation Award by the United Chaplains State of New York
  • Leadership Medal of Honour in Philanthropy Award by the African Leadership Magazine
  • Nigerian Red Cross Society Humanitarian Excellence Award
  • National Sickle Cell Centre Diamond Award
  • Award of Excellence by the Nigerian Prisons Service
  • Lagos State Government Corporate Social Responsibility Award;
  • Times Heroes Award by Daily Times of Nigeria.

Check out some of Pastor Paul and Ifeanyi’s inspirational quotes below:

God has so much in store for your life. He has plans to prosper you and to give you a bright future. God is for you and not against you. As you hold unto this prophetic statement and believe that God would do something remarkable in your life, god will inturn establish you, and fulfill all His promises concerning your life in Jesus’ name, Amen.

You cannot hear God if you are carried away by your situation. you can only enjoy God’s frequency when you are at peace with yourself. Be at peace knowing that God is all-powerful, and He is greater than your problems. And, God’s peace will guard your hearts and minds in Jesus’ name amen.

Write the vision and make it plain on tablets that he may run who reads it. Habakuk 2:2

The oil on your head can’t be mixed with hatred or retaliation; let God.

Be full of joy, color, and smiles. You are more than you can ever think or imagine. Don’t let anything limit you. You are special. Don’t accept defeat. Come out of hiding.

You have the power within you, so, don’t settle there. Every day presents new opportunities for new beginnings. The start of a new week platform is this. Don’t waste time musing over the disappointments, and regrets of the past.

With this new week, brace yourself to embrace the changes that you need to make to achieve a better you overall.

Don’t give up now, consistency is the key to breakthrough.

Any closed door is God’s redirection

How to make it through (Pastor Ifeanyi Adefarasin speaks)

Stay chilled in God’s presence to get on track

Learn to rest in God

Connect to your source to flow with Him and get a sense of being in control as He is in control especially when the demands are consuming.

Be broken but anointed.

You are a work in progress.

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