Hurry!! “Learning4living” business school reveals how to manage family feuds & sibling rivalries. Discounts for “Early Birds”

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Hurry!!! Learn how to “Manage family feuds and siblings rivalries.”

This is the subject of the Realizing Mental Resilience 5.0.

Join “Learning4living business school” as they outline root causes of Feuds and Rivalries in Families, as well as how to manage them.

Venue : Zoom Webinar
Time: 6pm
Day: Sunday, 25th April, 2021.

Speaker: Tunde Ekpekurede

Early Bird registration is 10,000 ($20). This ends on Sunday, 18th April, 2021.

Regular : 15000 ($30)

Make payment to Stanbic bank account no : 9202415592

Send payment evidence to

Or call Sandra on ±2347061599019

Examples of Family feuds and rivalries

Two brothers argue on CNN over who is the most loved by their parents. Andrew (Governor of New York) and his younger brother, Chris (CNN Anchor.)

It is a feud that has surfaced times without numbers while on air. This is just one of several family feuds and siblings rivalries that drain mental energies and damage relationships.

  1. What are the root causes of rivalries and feuds in families.
  2. How can the forces driving these painful occurrences be better manages?
  3. What are the best practices for mitigating family feuds and rivalries?
  4. What is the way forward for family members presently embroiled in rivalries or feuds of any kind?

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