(Music Review) I Drink Wine by Adele Meaning, Lyrics and Translation

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“I Drink Wine,” by Adele is the 7th track off her album titled “30.”

What is the song I Drink Wine by Adele all about?

This is a love song about two people whose various —-

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I drink wine by Adele Lyrics

Verse 1

How can one become so bounded?

By choices that somebody else makes?

How come we’ve both become a version

Of a person, we don’t even like?

We’re in love with the world

But the world just wants to bring us down

By putting ideas in our heads

That corrupt our hearts somehow

When I was a child

Every single thing could blow my mind

Soaking it all up for fun

But now I only soak up wine

They say to play hard, you work hard

Find balance in the sacrifice

Yet I don’t know anybody

Who’s truly satisfied

You better believe I’m trying (trying, trying)

To keep climbing (climbing, climbing)

But the higher we climb

Feels like we’re both none the wiser (ah)

So I hope I learn to get over myself


Stop trying to be somebody else

So we can love each other for free

Everybody wants something

You just want me

Verse 2

Why am I obsessing

About the things, I can’t control?

Why am I seeking approval

From people, I don’t even know?

In these crazy times, I hope to find

Something I can cling on to

‘Cause I need some substance in my life

Something real, something that feels true

You better believe for you I’ve cried (I’ve cried, I’ve cried)

High tides (high tides, high tides)

‘Cause I want you so bad

But you can’t fight fire with fire (ah)

Oh, so I hope I learn to get over myself


Stop trying to be somebody else

Oh, I just want to love you (so we can love)

Love you for free (each other for free)

Everybody wants something from me

You just want me

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