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I want to marry your son, President Buhari

These are not Ogefash’s words, but the words of a particular Nigerian citizen, Freda. Freda probably feels marrying Buhari’s son, “if he was single,” would help ease off the frustration she is feeling over the current numerous issues in the country.

So, when Buhari had posted on his Instagram page about Youth opportunities that exist in the 75 Billion Naira Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) program they kicked off, rather than comment something relating to the NYIF post, Freda, instead asked the president if his son wants single. In essence, if he was; she wants to marry him.

Some Nigerians did not find her comment funny as they attacked her immediately for showing her foolishness and unserious over serious matters.

View one of the angry reactions to “Buhari; is your son single?” below

Freda: Sir please, this your son is he single?

Oracle– You will remain a fool forever. Instead of you to fight for your right; you’re talking nonsense.

Freda: My dear, na joke, no take am serious. Person no fe joke again. Sorry oh, no vex

Oracle: Alright, I understand, dear friend. Hmm, so, Freda said she was joking after she was bashed…I wonder if Freda would have still called it a joke if Buhari aka Bubu replied her comment, and asked her to come marry his son…

What y’all think?

The difference between Buhari’s Regime and Jonathan’s; whose regime is better?

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