(+Full Cast + Crew) Movie Synopsis: Just A Sin: Starring Ray Emodi, Ego Nwosu, Victoria Egbuchere, Chike Daniel, Alison Adeeyinwo


A scorned woman, Enora (Acted by Victoria Egbuchere) stumbles her way back into the life of her ex- Fidel (Acted by Ray Emodi) who dis-virgined her, made her do countless abortions, and destroyed her womb making her unable to bear children.

The thought of seeing Fidel with his wife, Miranda (Acted by Ego Nwosu), and a female child angered her since he is the reason for her childlessness and the reason she is unable to move on with her life.

One day, Fidel needed business approval from a certain company where Enora was working. Enora made herself inaccessible to Fidel because he refused to take her to bed. Fidel’s pleas that he has turned a new leaf fell on deaf ears.

One thing led to another, and Fidel y

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