Just, negodu (see) the Sardine bread with no sardine that I bought at

how to make sardine bread
how to make sardine bread

Just, negodu (see) the Sardine bread with no sardine that I bought at

Hmmm, can you imagine sardine bread with no sardine?

Yesterday, I wanted a two-in-one feel with sardine bread, so I bought sardine bread at the bakery.
Usually, sardine bread is seasoned with sardines inside and out. There was no sardine outside the bread, and in all honesty, the sardine inside the bread was so scarce.

Just negodu (see) the bread in the display picture. Please. Which bakery does this usually happen? Hint me via the comment section; if your bakery name tallies with mine, I will reveal the bakery I bought the sardine bread from.

Meanwhile, here is how to make your sardine bread at home with no stress.

Five cups of flour

Three tsp bread yeast

One cup of sugar

One tsp salt

One cup sardine oil

250 ml warm milk

Two eggs

Two tins sardine

10 tbsp lukewarm water.


Sift your flour into a clean bowl and add salt; blend.

Get a separate, clean bowl, add in your water, 1 tsp sugar, yeast, and milk; blend.Next, transfer the flour mix (dry ingredients) into the yeast mix (wet ingredients), add the remaining sugar, sardine oil, and blend.

Transfer your dough to a large clean surface and knead properly. Once the dough is formed, rub some oil in a clean bowl, ensure the oil touches round the dough, cover with a tight lid, and proof for 1hr.

After 1hr, deflate your dough with a punch, knead properly again, place parchment paper in your baking pan, roll out your dough.

Place your sardine one at a time inside the dough and roll it up together.


Place your dough inside the baking pan and proof again for 20 minutes.Bake @ 350F for 45 minutes.

Ready to eat.

I think next time, I will make my sardine bread at home. What do you all think?

Reference: https://www.fmnfoods.com




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